Landlord Rights & Apartment Communities Finally Protected by Fair Housing Experts

As a landlord, do you really know YOUR fair housing rights?

How are property managers expected to know everything new about fair housing law, and manage the property?

Fair Housing Advocates, Inc. recently decided to dedicate its expertise to designing a comprehensive fair housing training package made solely for landlords and property managers of rental and homeowners communities: The Fair Housing Property Pro.

Our Fair Housing Property Pro seeks to empower homeowners associations [HOAs], condominiums, apartment communities, and mobile home parks by protecting their fair housing rights. We provide exclusive knowledge about the fair housing complaint process only available from our insiders, so properties can avoid expensive fair housing discrimination claims long before they arise.

A downloadable copy of our "Fair Housing Property Pro" program can be found here: Fair Housing Property Pro- Rental Communities

Who Is Fair Housing Advocates, Inc.?

We are fair housing experts, not real estate attorneys coming to your rescue after-the-fact.

We have successfully filed hundreds of fair housing complaints against properties like yours.

As a result of our experience defending consumers’ rights, we have become experts in the fair housing complaint process. We understand the complete fair housing investigation cycle from complaint submission through investigation, negotiations, and settlement.

We can help you protect your property.

We can help you understand your fair housing rights.

What Can Fair Housing Advocates Do for Properties?

In 2018, FHA is putting all that knowledge and expertise to work for rental and homeowners communities.

We've designed a program to educate and train staff, mitigate risk, and ultimately protect their business long before any fair housing issues become a huge problem.

We can provide your staff real-time access to our experts, while we work behind-the-scenes to identify, mitigate, and even avoid unnecessary fair housing risk.

Why Do You Need Fair Housing Advocates?

We know fair housing.

Because we have successfully filed hundreds fair housing complaints against housing providers just like you, across the country, compelling settlements resulting in millions of dollars of damages.

We know the formula.

Because nearly every fair housing complaint we have filed on behalf of a consumer against a property like yours, was accepted for investigation by HUD.

We know the process.

Because of our experience, we know the complete fair housing complaint process better than any organization offering conventional real estate management services.

We know the right people.

Because we have filed complaints in all 10 regions of the US Department of HUD in over 36 states and have working relationships with professionals in all of these states.

We know how to protect your property and fair housing rights.

Because our programs are designed by experts who successfully filed against hundreds of properties.

Fair Housing Property Pro: For Apartment Communities

A downloadable pdf copy FHA's Fair Housing Property Pro is available here:

FHA designed this package with rental communities in mind, especially those:

  • Receiving rental applications on a monthly basis
  • Resident turnover
  • Staff turnover
  • Change in management

Property may include amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, and assigned parking.

I. Fair Housing Onboarding:

This first step is necessary before FHA can effectively provide its Core Services Package. FHA needs to be able to identify fair housing soft spots and potential violations.

Our onboarding process is intended to identify any obvious fair housing issues readily apparent in the property’s printed and published media, and then suggest fair housing compliant solutions to mitigate any potential risk.

  1. Rules, Regulations, and Policies Review
  2. Applicant and Resident Forms Review
  3. Reasonable Accommodations & Modifications Process Review
  4. Posted Rules Review

II. Core Services Package:

1. Fair Housing Testing:

FHA will conduct testing which most closely follows that recommended by HUD for fair housing organizations. Such testing is required by FHA as part of an investigation prior to writing, evidencing, and filing a fair housing complaint on behalf of a consumer.

FHA will conduct such testing as an educational tool, not an enforcement tool, to uncover any fair housing soft spots or potential violations. Our findings will serve to provide feedback and better shape a fair housing compliant process for the association.

Real world testing of your staff is critical to understanding how Fair Housing training and education is actually being implemented where it counts.

A tester results report outlining any compliance concerns or violations can be provided at the conclusion of the testing investigation.

2. ESA Letter Screening

Housing providers are getting inundated with requests to waive their pet rules to accommodate an Emotional Support Animal by a disabled applicant or resident.

HUD’s accommodation review process permits the housing provider to request “reliable documentation” from the disabled person which should verify the disability, and the need for their ESA as well as the requested accommodation. The housing provider is usually given an “ESA Letter,” or some other documentation, which needs to be properly evaluated.

3. Online Footprint Review

An Association’s message online can be responsible for initiating a fair housing investigation, testing, or even worse- a fair housing complaint. FHA can review your association’s online footprint to uncover any fair housing concerns. A results report outlining any compliance concerns or violations can be provided.

4. Monthly Fair Housing Webinar Education & Training Modules

FHA provides live monthly fair housing education, and fair housing training webinars, with live Q&A sessions for its attendees. All webinars are live.

Our Fair Housing Training modules are comprehensive in-depth fair housing webinars which focus on essential fair housing law, guidance, or process. Each training module is part of our Core Curriculum- a set of courses we would stress our clients to consider necessary to their fair housing education. FHA training webinars could also feature special guests from the fair housing, legal, and medical community. Only FHA’s clients are invited to attend our training modules and would have access to a recorded copy online.

Our Fair Housing Education modules are designed to be less formal and are built to provide broad knowledge to a less sophisticated audience on a general fair housing subject.

5. New Hire & Maintenance Staff Education Webinar

FHA designed a basic fair housing training webinar which provides a broad overview of the federal Fair Housing Act for new hires, and maintenance staff.

The webinar will cover housing discrimination on the basis of Race, Color, National Origin, Gender, Familial Status, and Disability.

6. Monday Morning Fair Housing Call

This is a live audio call that is also recorded and made available to FHA’s clients for their review. The call is broadcast live however the agenda is fixed and there is no interaction with members; there is no video.

Subject matter can vary from reviewing a recent FHA case, to providing practical fair housing advice.

Anticipated call time of 10 minutes or less.

7. Weekly Fair Housing Q&A Call

The is a live open forum live telephonic conference call for clients only. This is not a record call and will not be accessible afterwards.

The Fair Housing Call will provide a real-time forum to address fair housing curiosities, hypotheticals, and general questions housing providers may have regarding the fair housing act. The call is an excellent opportunity to voice fair housing concerns, and pose challenging questions, which could shape future training modules.

FHA may invite special guest speakers from the fair housing, legal, civil rights, and medical community.

Anticipated call time of 60 minutes or less based upon activity

8. Fair Housing Consultation

FHA is available to provide customized feedback, advice, and counseling to its clients who need our fair housing experts available upon appointment and advance notice. These are confidential client meetings.


Want to get started?

Send us a copy of your property's Rules & Regulations, especially those which might also address use of the swimming pool, clubhouse, and fitness center, and FHA will provide you with a free fair housing review.

Send your Rules & Regulations via email to:

Or call Fair Housing Advocates at (877) 838-9963 for more information about our fair housing programs.

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