Expensive Fair Housing Discrimination Mistakes: A Webinar for Landlords & HOAs

Do NOT Commit These Costly Fair Housing Violations: Urgent Webinar for Landlords & Association Property Managers

Historically speaking, Fair Housing Advocates, Inc. is a civil rights fair housing organization which has aggressively defended persons from housing discrimination taking place at large rental properties and HOAs across the country.

We have successfully filed several Hundred fair housing complaints against landlords, apartment complexes, mobile home parks, condominium and homeowners’ associations with incredible success. Properties just like yours.

Along the way we’ve become experts in the fair housing process- from investigation through settlement.

In 2018, we're putting all that knowledge and expertise to work for large property owners & managers. We've designed a cost-effective program for you that will educate staff, mitigate risk, and ultimately protect your business long before these issues become a huge financial problem.

If you are worried about fair housing litigation, or urgently need to catch up on the Latest fair housing advice, attend our no cost fair housing webinar for housing providers.

We will share some of the mostly costly fair housing violations, like:

    1.    Prohibiting an Emotional Support Animal from entering 
            the Pool Area
    2.    Contacting a tenant’s doctor to confirm a disability
    3.    Enforcing an Adult Swim rule 

And we will reveal several NEW fair housing violations which are causing huge problems for properties. Here are just three:

   1.    “Pet Interviews” are violations of the FHAct as part 
         of an accommodation request
   2.    Banning “Incontinent” persons, or “non-toilet trained 
         children” or persons, from the pool or pool area
   3.    Requiring additional Insurance for a person’s service 
         dog or emotional support animal

Do Not miss this Webinar- there is no cost, there is no audience limit, and it is Live. There is a live Q&A session with a fair housing expert afterwards.

Webinar Details

Webinar Date: Wednesday, April 4 @ 1:00pm EST, 12:00pm CST

Webinar Video Link: Webinar Video Link

Webinar Phone Information: (515) 739-1285

Phone Password: 781986

Need Free Fair Housing Advice? Reach the experts at: 877.838.9963 or info@fairhousingact.org

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