Educational Webinar for Disabled Persons, Tuesday May 30, 12:00pm CST: How to Guarantee Housing for Your Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal

Fair Housing Advocates, Inc. is hosting a free educational webinar for any disabled person who requires an Emotional Support Animal or a Service Animal [Assistance Animals] to enjoy the benefits of fair housing.

Learn what is needed to guarantee housing for your Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal, regardless of your disability, income,or where your live! This includes Colleges, Universities and Public Housing Authorities

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Any disabled person, any person related to a disabled person, or any Organization which assists disabled persons- especially service dog organizations, veterans organizations, and mental health professionals should attend. College & University students should attend! This is a no-limit attendance audience.

WHAT IS REQUIRED: Any attendee needs to have a computer to view the Video portion of the presentation. The Audio portion is provided by phone via conference call. As long as you have a Computer with internet connection, and a Phone, you can enjoy the webinar for free from your home or office.

COST This is a free webinar, held Live.

WHEN IS THE WEBINAR? TUESDAY MAY 30 at 12 NOON Central Standard Time through 1:30pm Central Standard Time. Make time for at least 1.5 hours. The webinar will be Live and there will be time for Q&A.

WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO LEARN? FHA will provide a brief overview of disability discrimination under the Fair Housing Act, review the most common forms of housing discrimination, and then provide a step-by-step approach to ensure you and your assistance animal avoid the most common, and the most costly, mistakes. You will learn to be better prepared and more knowledgeable than your landlord, property manager, or housing provider. And learn how to position yourself so that if you are denied an accommodation, or denied housing, you will poised to protect your housing rights.

HOW CAN I ENROLL AND RECEIVE A FREE INVITATION? Please send an email requesting to attend the May 30 Webinar:, or call us at (877) 838-9963. We will send you an Invitation and some information to read before the webinar.

Patrick Coleman

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